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Veteran’s Issues

I am one of the few Americans that was in Canada (working for a bush pilot service in the Yukon), but came down to enlist and do my part. Basic Training at Ft. Ord, CA then Military Police training at Ft. Gordon GA. To Korea by troop ship, for a year as an MP on patrol, at the DMZ and in Black Market/Narcotics.

Returned to U.S., Ft. Benning Jump School, then Special Forces (Green Beret) training at Ft. Bragg NC. Volunteered for Vietnam, then spent my tour on A-237 in II Corps. Had lots of combat experiences and survived them, returned to the states and college. Then a Real Estate career.

Though a family man, and civic minded, I’ve always stayed involved with Veterans Issues such as the MIA/POWs, promoting respect for most Vietnam Veterans and for what we tried to do for our country and for the people of Vietnam. Speaking at High Schools and colleges, Memorial and Veteran Day ceremonies and writing, I try to protect the memory of my fellow soldiers who gave their lives for freedom and the United States.

I am a Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Special Forces Association. Also a member of the Special Operations Association, and American Legion. Attend annual reunions with my wife, and stay up with military technology, tactics and current events. Two men from my A-Team became 2 star Generals and head of Special Forces before they retired. I took one of them on his first combat operation.

Attached is an article on facts rather than the media myths about Vietnam, an article about who was correct in this historic part of the “Cold War” which we eventually won, an article I wrote about Medal of Honor recipient Jon Cavianni, and other literature.

If you are a Vietnam Veteran or family member and want to talk, just give me a call.

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