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Pete Laurence

Re-Elect Vice-Mayor Pete Laurence, Clayton City Council.  The most experienced Candidate.

  • Integrity, Experience & Results
  • A Record of Accomplishment
  • Protect and Improve Clayton

NOVEMBER 5th, 2002
Pete’s Record of Civic Involvement

  • Former President of the Dana Hills Homeowners Association
  • Former President of Clayton Business & Community Association (CBCA)
  • Served Clayton for 12 years on the Council and been Vice-Mayor three and Mayor twice
  • Helped preserve our Hillsides and Creeks, and worked to defeat the Marsh Canyon Landfill & Pittsburgh annexation attempts.
  • Was instrumental in Purchasing the “Grove Property” for our new Town Center Park
  • Helped create the Clayton impreovements of Community Ballfields, our Middle School, the Trail System, New Library, Post Office and Fire Station
  • Pushed Hard for completion of the Oakhurst Country Club, Tennis Courts & Junior Olympic Pool.
  • Helped Refinance all of the Oakhurst and School Bonds, lowering everyones payments.
  • Instrumental in Converting the Historic DeMartini Winery into our new City Hall, and helping to save historic Endeavor Hall.
  • Helped renovate Main & Center Streets in th “Old West” style with “Boardwalk” Sidewalks, antique lights and Town clock.
  • A Leader in Improving Clayton’s City Management with new City Manager and Police Chief.
  • In Spite of Previous State Cutbacks, Pete Accomplished all this with 12 Straight Years of Balanced Budgets & Fiscal Responsibilitiy!

Pete Cares about Clayton

Historic City Hall

The exciting renovation of 1886 Winery into our new City Hall and Police Dept, typifies my involvement and interest in Clayton.

Growing up in Clayton in the 1950’s and returning home after Vietnam as a “Green Beret”, I decided to raise my family here. My wife Sherie and I also plan to eventually retire in beautiful Clayton.

I have served 12 years as City Councilman and Mayor. Its my continuing “mission” to save our hillsides, creeks, small town friendliness, and &Old West& ambience. We need to be sure to attract desired businesses to downtown that enhance our lifestyle yet blend with the historic Clayton we all love.

As a Realtor for 33 years, I know how important it is that we maintain our historic past, low crime rate, quality of life, and property values.

If re-elected I will use My expreience and abilities to continue to protect and improve Clayton. That’s why I am asking for Your vote.

Pete Will Protect and Improve Clayton

To Protect Clayton

  • State cutbacks again threaten Clayton. Pete helped Clayton get though this before & will do so again
  • The State and other agencies are trying to force ALL cities to accept low-income housing, complete with the threat of penalties and lawsuits. As before Pete helped Clayton get through this with no drawbacks and hopes to do this again
  • Builders wanted to develop from Pittsburg to our ridge lines. Pete will again oppose any future attempts

To Improve Clayton

  • The new Gymnasium and Community Center is under construction. Pete will help it become operational and successful.
  • Already working with the schools with the new bond monies, Pete will help all our schools get better facilities and more classrooms.
  • If voters approve the service station, Pete will help it to enhance our small town ambiance. If it fails, it will not be built.
  • The Town Center Parks plans are nearing completion. Pete will insure that it will be prperly built.
  • Pete will continue to support our Volunteer, Civic & Youth Groups. Pete realizes that it is these groups and their events which enhance our quality of life and small town feeling.

If you have ideas or thoughts to discuss, just write or call me anytime.  Office 939-7920 Home 672-6118.  e-mail


Early Supporters for PETE Include:

Fred & Patty Albrecht
David & Joice Atkinson
John & Joyce Atkinson
Mark & Lea Barbano
Bob & Patty Boldt
Don & Jeanna Boyd
Perry & Diana Brandt
George Cardinet
Jo Ann Casper
Jerry & Mary Coakley
Joan & Dorothy Culver
Janet Easton
Jerry & Betty Evans
Dirk & Marilyn Fitzgerald
Lynne French
Anne Marie Gold
Steve & Debra Gonsalves
Gary & Darin Gum
Ming & Lorraine Hanson
Ed & Cecilia Hartley
Keith & Cynthia Haydon
Merle & Vicki Hufford
Gary & Michel Hules
Skip Ipsen
Ben Jay
Kermit Lay
Ed & Rosi Lexon
Bob & Velaine Manion
Greg & Joan Manning
Al & Renee Martin
John & Kathy Martin
Matt Mazzei
Ron & Dee Munk
Tim amp;& Donna Morgan
Ed & Stephanie Moresi
Herc & Rosanne Pardi
JoAnn Parsonage
Phyllis & andy Peterson
Scott & Heather Peterson
Bill & Joyce Pisani
Alice Ponti
Henry & Connie Rehr
John & Sue Rivera
Bob & Sarah Rodenburg
John & Jan Rubiales
Dan & Gail Salazar
Ted & Judi Sudderth
Steve and Linda Sutton
Peter & Deborah Tom
Gloria & Lanny Utney
George Vujnovich
Steve & Terry Wheeler
Will & Helen Wilcox
Ron & Sandy Williamson
Ernie Wintter
Larry & Joy Ziedler
Mike & Deanna Zeidler
Jerry & Maria Zimmerman


  • Gary Yancey, County District Attorney
  • Bill McManigal, Concord Mayor
  • Mark Desaulnier, Contra Costa Supervisor
  • Lynne Leach, California State Assemblywoman
  • Richard Rainey, Former California State Senator

2002 Committee to Re-Elect Pete Laurence
31 Nottingham Place, Clayton CA 94517
Co-Chair Sherie Laurence & Al Martin * Treasurer Ernie Winter
Joyce Atkinson * Marilynn Fitzgerald * Sandy Williamson
Ed Lexon * Del Watt * Carol Schoenfeld * Ken Jones * Brad Bowles
Skip Ipsen * Sue White * Lea Barbono * Todd Laurence