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Pete’s Supporters

Quotes from people who know Pete:

  • We are impressed with the time and dedication that Pete has given to us all for quite a number of years. Our little city is much better for these years of service and we want him to continue in a position of leadership. -Gary & Linda Smith

  • “Not much politics in Pete. Just determines action steps required based on the consensus of his constituents, and works hard to get them done.” -Jim Bradt

  • “Pete Laurence always has and always will do what is best for Clayton. Anyone who has donated 12 years of his life to the community certainly isn’t going to change now. Re-elect Pete in November he will continue to make Clayton the place we all love to live in.”-Carol Schoenfeld

  • “Pete does his homework very well, and is a very honest man.” -Skip Ipsen

  • “With a city that is always short on money for necessary projects, it is good that we have Pete Laurence and his years of experience to help get the city of Clayton through the tough decisions.”-Terry McDaniel

  • “He’s honest! He doesn’t play around with ambiquities and leave you wondering what he really thinks – he just blasts it out. How non-political of Pete – and I like it!”-Joan Culver

  • Pete, Just want to say “THANK YOU” for your dedication to our City. I’ve known you since high school, and we’ve seen so many positive changes to our community. You’ve got my VOTE again for city council. I know I’m just one of your many supports that truly appreciates the commitment you’ve made to OUR CITY! -Gary Smith

  • “Pete is a tireless worker for the betterment of Clayton, who combines his creative skills and keen judgement to turn ideas into action. Yet he is always thinking in terms of what is in the best interest of Clayton residents.”

    -Dave Bruzzone

  • 1. Pete brings common sense and a practical approach to the business of government.

    2. Pete clearly identifies with the Clayton community when he cites a basis premise, not often heard, “the city government staff is here to serve the residents”. This is a most refreshing point of view coming from one who serves his community. It brings to mind the idea of ” ask not what Clayton can do for you. But ask what you can do for Clayton.”

    -Roger K. Easley, Mt. Diablo Ranch

  • Pete has fought for our country, fights for what he believes in and fights for what he feels is best for Clayton. Despite all this “fighting”, Pete is an easy going guy who is easy to talk to. Because he is a long time resident, as well as being a Clayton City Councilman for twelve years, Pete is very knowledgeable about our city. If you have any questions about Clayton or Pete’s candidacy, then just ask him–he’s always happy to talk about the City he loves and to which he has donated so much time, effort, money and heartfelt caring. -Marilynn Fitzgerald