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Whether selling or Buying, putting PETE to work for you gives YOU the advantage of his more than 30 years Experience with All types of Real Estate and in ALL types of Markets.

PETE can help you and has sold homes in almost every City in Contra Costa County and many outside. PETE knows ALL the neighborhoods, schools, shopping, parks, slide areas, crime rates, proposed projects, commute distances and factors that affect value. PETE also knows the advantages of your neighborhood and home, and will provide the latest Comparable Sales so that as a TEAM we know our price is a good one.

Whether you are “Moving up”, Transferees, First-time buyers, or Investors; as we lay out your individual “Game Plan” and carry it out as a “Team” together; PETE prides himself on giving his clients thorough Service, Integrity and Results.

PETE’S SELLERS can count on:

  • Listening to your moving plans, preferred timing, planned repairs, hoped for price, and any other concerns or considerations.

  • Helping lay-out your “game-plan”, considering time of year, market conditions, some legal and tax implications, filling out required Disclosures, recommending tradesmen, staging, and a super “Marketing Plan” to accomplish our goals.

  • Preparation, helping to manage some of the repairs and tradesmen if needed, getting the Termite Report at the right time, helping you obtain an “Equity Line”, and lining up PETE’S TEAM of painters, carpet layers, stagers, title and escrow company, inspectors, appraisers, lenders, and potential moving companies.

  • A Quality Marketing Plan that includes as appropriate; Quality Brochures. Virtual Tour filming, Open Houses, Advertising, Office Tour, Marketing Meeting Tours, Multiple Listing Service with 4,000 Realtors, nationwide internet postings to include Realtor.Com, Transfer Relocation companies, and contact with Buyers and Agents who’ve seen the home. If not Sold quickly we will meet periodically to analyze our progress and make improvements or adjustments as needed.

  • Experienced Negotiations when offers come in, and a thorough analysis of the contract and its obligations, to obtain the best price and terms for YOU.

  • Co-ordination of the entire Sales Process from beginning to end, helping you meet your obligations and time frames. If problems develop in escrow we will try creative solutions and negotiations to help solve them so you don’t get taken advantage of or needlessly lose the transaction to have to start all over.

  • Constant communication whenever you want throughout the Marketing and Escrow process. You will always be able to talk directly with PETE himself, not an assistant or “associates” who won’t really know the answers.

  • Friendly follow-up after the sale and moving, to be sure all bases are covered and you are happy.

PETE’S BUYERS can count on:

  • Listening to your housing hopes, desires and goals.

  • Explaining the many Financing options available to acquire those goals, and helping you to set your payment amount and to determine your price range.

  • Setting you up with the Best Lender with the lowest rates, providing All types of loans, and able to occasionally do “miracles” if we need one.

  • Searching All the cities, areas and neighborhoods that might meet your goals.

  • First an overview showing of homes For Sale in your price range to help confirm your expectations and to better refine our game plan.

  • PETE will show you the best homes in your price range and explain what to look for in neighborhood, quality of construction, drawbacks as well as good points, to be sure we get a property that should appreciate well in future value.

  • A well-written contract that protects You and covers “the bases” to help have a smooth transaction for everybody.

  • To Know that You’re getting a quality property, there will be Home Inspections, Appraisals and Home Warranties.

  • IF problems develop during the Escrow, Creative solutions and negotiations will occur to help solve the problems, so you don’t lose the home you want.

  • A timeline during the Escrow period with PETE’S help to accomplish everything on time and as smoothly as possible for all concerned.

  • Friendly follow-up, to be sure you’re settled in and enjoying the home.